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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Early Pregnancy,Alcohol and Drug Use 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson , the community knows the reasons for drinking Alcohol and the consequences and why they should stop. By the end of the lesson, the community will be able to point out some of the causes of early pregnancy.
Introduction There about 5 groups in this village as they were split for purposes of ministry of health guidelines of social distancing. Today Lorna went back to groups A and B where they finalized with the topic Alcohol and drug Abuse and started on Causes of Early pregnancy. Overview The meeting started with a word of prayer and after that the chairman addressed the community then welcomed Lorna to teach them. Lorna exchanged greetings with the community members and after that she told them today Mukyala Kadubuli was to take the community members through the review of the previous lesson. Lorna asked her to come to the front and take charge at first she was scared but later she got courage and she did really well with the review. She asked the members she people drink and they mentioned various reasons like, fun, forget problems, gain confidence peer pressure, poverty among others. She then went on to the consequences or dangers where they mentioned; poor decision making, diseases like liver cancer, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, one does not get to fulfill their responsibilities at home like provide basic needs, poverty, divorces among others. Iswaya the chairman said it is true for him he drinks but he ensures that he is the one that controls his drinking even though someone offers him a lot of drinks he knows how to control himself but he also said Alcohol is bad because it robs you of your money and health. Kadubuli also mentioned that he also never lets alcohol to control him and he always fulfills his responsibilities and he also agreed Alcohol is bad. One man Charles told a story of a man who was so drunk and yet when he returned home his wife was very sick but because he was so drunk he could not do anything thank God for his neighbors who had her scream and came to her rescue although this man still wanted to beat up his neighbors therefore Alcohol is bad. Kadubulis wife also gave another story of how this man bought fish and came singing telling the wife how he bought her fish but he got lost on his way and ended up in a police cell. After this Lorna asked the community to clap for Mukyala Kadubuli for the good job done. Lorna encouraged them to stay away from alcohol and if they can’t to drink responsibly. Lorna mentioned that drinking alcohol robs you of your life span, breaks families, affects children’s lives and future due to poor decision making. After that they went to the topic of the day Causes of early pregnancy. Lorna first asked the community members how they feel about young girls getting pregnant before the age of 18. They all said sad , bad and Lorna asked how about if it was their son who impregnated the girl?, they kept quiet. He asked what age should the boys get married and they pointed to the boy in the meeting called Denis. Denis was Lorna’s student at Kivule Primary School and he disagreed with them when they were saying his old enough to get married. Lorna mentioned that even their boys should work hard, avoid peer pressure, be prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and have enough resources to take care of their family. Boys equally like girls should also finish school and be guided to make the right decisions. On the causes one man mentioned; women are the reason girls are getting pregnant these days because they do not talk to their children , others send them to men themselves to return with goods. Another one mentioned poverty, Peer pressure, Abusive parents , alcoholic parents , girls admiring things , non effective laws, bribery, rape, defilement among others. Conclusion Lorna thanked the community members for attending the meeting and told them that she wanted Mukyala Kadubulis to lead them into this discussion so that the decision comes from them and solutions and it was nice when they concluded the truth is Alcohol is bad. For the topic of early pregnancy because time had gone they will pick up from there in the next visit. 
Next Visit
2020-08-14 - Purpose: Continue the lesson on consequences of early pregnancy and what needs to be done.
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12535 The man in the picture came from the drinking place nearby when he heard the meeting was about why people drink Alcohol and the dangers, he came in shouting that Alcohol is good there is nothing wrong with drinking it and after his comment he went back to his drinking place.
12547 Lorna took the back seat as Mukyala Kadubuli took the community through the review.
12562 Charles was saying there is nothing good about drinking a alcohol