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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-12

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Alcohol and Drug Use 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community agrees that alcohol abuse is bad and that they can find ways of desisting from it . By the end of the lesson, they know the reasons why people drink and the consequences.
Introduction Lorna went to continue with the topic on reasons why people drink Alcohol and the consequences. Today young people are drinking more Alcohol compared to the older people and the older ones some are forgetting their responsibilities and we want to know why.. Overview Today was a bit tricky as there was another meeting to take place. The chairman LC3 had organized a meeting to thank the community for standing by him and supporting him as this time he lost his political seat to another. This therefore affected the community attendance however this not stop the meeting from taking place. The chairman came to the meeting briefly and apologized that he was not going to be available but encouraged us to go ahead and meet. Samuel was left to be in charge and he started of by welcoming the community members and he also opened up with a word of prayer. After that, Lorna took over with the lesson of the day Alcohol and drug Abuse. Since they had started on it previously that is on the causes or reasons why people drink alcohol, they continued from here. Other causes looked at were ; Poverty and here it was explained in a way that someone has tried everything in life concerning maybe looking for a job but failed, looking after their family and everything just doesn’t add up and they resort to drinking. Another was peer pressure because one has friends that drink, they Also decide to drink , boredom and idleness, failure to meet peoples expectations, forget problems, health reasons, worry, hide their pain/frustrations among others. They also looked at the consequences like; poor decision making and this was broken down. For example there have been instances where parents have made poor decisions like giving away their children in marriage due to the influence of alcohol because they want to earn of it. We have this example in this very village but luckily Mariam stood her ground and said NO., Another example of spending money on alcohol rather than pay fees, or buy scholastic materials for their children.Making poor judgements which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Other consequences like ; domestic violence have seen families broken, children suffering consequences of their parents actions, Sexual violence, failure to keep jobs, failure to look for jobs, one does not get to fulfill their responsibilities , Divorce , low marital satisfaction , one can get to the extent of selling their clothes, shoes or whatever they have just so they can get something to drink . Other challenges within the community include; becoming a nuisance, insulting others, humiliating , threatening physical abuse among others. Conclusion Lorna encouraged the community members to drink responsibilities but at most to stop drinking completely and to also be aware of how their drinking affects the people around them. She encouraged them to always talk to some one or confide in someone, let go of some friends, seek help if possible professional help. 
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