Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Bulinda 1

Visit by Steven Kambale on 2020-08-21

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2020-08-25 09:13:20 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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From last year November 2019, the village reported some issues concerning their borehole and a report was received in Kibo that this well in Bulinda that had just been repaired by kibo group had shinny particles coming out in the water and a broken pedestal. A trip was made to ascertain this on November 11, 2019 by David and Steven. Right away the village was encouraged to raise again some money so that Kibo group can partner with them to fix this borehole again after buying a new pedestal. A pedestal was then bought back in March but the repair didn’t take place due to Covid lock down. The village was encouraged to continue working together to maintain their village sanitation standards and to be patient until kibo returned to work. The borehole water user committee had become inactive with many of the members quitting the committee and so Alex told one of the kibo group worker called Tape to go back and meet with the village chairman to organize a village meeting and come up with a new water user committee before kibo group can come back to their village for a repair. The village also had reported that the water had some shinny particles but they were encouraged to continue pumping the water and soon these particles were no more seen. Steven and Chris made a visit to meet with the water user committee to prepare the village to install the pedestal and to check on the sanitation standards. They moved in some homes in the village to check on the sanitation status and some people had their dish racks getting old and starting to fall down. Together with the sanitation committee and Tape a resident of the same village, they encouraged people to maintain their village sanitation standards and maintain a safe water chain. Some of the community members were reminded about their borehole ownership and maintenance. They moved with some community members to the broken well to guide the village while dismantling the slab to remove the old pedestal. It was such a hard task to do and this couldn’t be completed that day because of the hard concrete. Two pick axes broke while the village residents were trying to hit through the hard core and slab. The water committee led by Tape Bwana promised to continue with the work the following day until the old slab is taken out before a new pedestal is installed. Another visit will be planned here to construct the slab and instal the new pedestal. Also WASH will go back to conduct training of the water user committee and talk to the village about borehole management. 
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2020-08-28 - Purpose: Continue with Borehole rehabilitation process and training of the water user committee.
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12967 There was a great cooperation among the members in digging the concrete.
12970 With the available tools members were able to dig a hole finally.