Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kirwanire

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-08-21

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David Balimunsi
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2020-08-25 08:28:55 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2020-08-25 10:20:19 UTC
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09:03-18:10 (9 h 7 m)
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12:08-15:30 (3 h 22 m)
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5 h 45 m

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To continue with the sanitation encouragements . 
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David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
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LC1,LC2,VHT,Parish Councillor 
David was in kirwanire village . And his intention of going there was to have a hygiene and sanitation improvements meeting which was aimed at bringing the homes which were still lagging behind to start working and getting improved. As David was in the village he first visited mr Bogere Hasani the village chairman who later led him throughout the trading centre where the members from the trading centre had gathered waiting to hear from David and Hasani Bogere. Before David and the village chairman reaching the set venue for their meeting they first moved home to home assessing and monitoring the sanitation standards from the different homes. And also where there was the much more need for the sanitation improvements. However out of the many homes they visited this is what was noted , many out of the homes they visited were not meeting the required hygiene and sanitation standards. While David and Bogere Hasani arrived at their set place for the meeting , the meeting started with an opening prayer which was led by Fraouk one of the committee members. After the opening prayer the village chairman requested David to take a lead of the meeting. David started by requesting the v ht from the trading centre to give his report. The v ht said that the members were only lazy . He also continued and said that the majority of the residents dint know how to construct a hand washing stand. Some other member by the names of Wayigolo said that because of the political differences. Some how some where they dint like the village chairman. So David reacted by encouraging everyone in the trading centre to leave their political differences and get to start working in order to improve on their homes. On addition to that it was a total joy for the most complicated members to reconcile before the chairman saying that they were one because of the kibo advises . David continued his speech of advise and encouragement by thanking all the residents for having reconciled with their chairman and currently they were one . So on that note he requested the members to set a specific time frame towards the construction of the hand washing stations and the improvements on the rest of the other sanitation facilities. They set a one week time frame when they hope everyone in the trading centre will have finished the construction of his or her hand washing stand. Then for the rest of the home sanitation facilities,they set one and a half a month duration. However David left the village when he had choose different representatives from all the four corner which makes up the whole trading centre. In general according to David,s overview, he sees that since the most complicated member in the trading centre kalulu Magidu started the digging of his pit latrine , the entire trading centre will get improved. 
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2020-08-24 - Purpose: To continue with the follow up on hygiene and sanitation improvements in the different homes which are still lagging behind
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12973 Seen in the picture above are some of the members from the trading centre during the hygiene and sanitation improvements meeting .