Community Empowerment - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2020-08-21

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2020-08-25 11:45:36 UTC
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Poultry Day 1 
Ida went to Maliga to continue teaching about hatching and what is needed before the chickens hatch. She told the members who attended the lesson to always prepare the following things when preparing chickens for hatching. 1 Glucose 2 Kuku star vaccine 3 A charcoal stove and charcoal 4 A feeder and a drinker 5 Chic and Duck Mash ( this is for chics from day one to eight weeks) Those are the basic core things needed. Glucose is given to chics for three hours after hatching. It gives strength to chics and also cleans up the digestive system so that when they start eating nothing bothers them. Kuku star vaccine is put in the eye to prevent sicknesses like cocksdiosis and typhoid. Charcoal helps chics feel warm at night since the feathers can’t warm them at that age. A feeder will help your community save the food from spilling on the ground and a drinker will keep the water clean. Chic and duck mash is the food needed for a day chic. Remember to love chickens that’s when you will get what you want from them. 
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2020-08-26 - Purpose: To teach about the feeds. There are three different types of feeds that farmers should know. As children don’t begin with solid food after they are born, chickens too have feeds to start with.
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13009 These children came to attend the lesson about hatching because they too have chickens and are willing to try it out with the help of their mothers.