Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ndalike - Kamuli

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2020-08-26

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David Balimunsi
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2020-08-27 11:55:10 UTC
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09:01-17:52 (8 h 51 m)
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Monitering and assesing sanitation work progress 
Staff Attendees
David Balimunsi,Henry Oyier,Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
David ,Henry and Steven were In Ndhalike village.And their intentions of going there was to move home to home checking on the Sanitation improvements in the village . They will also be holding a meeting to discuss away forward as they prepare the village for an evaluation. Before David, Henry the country director along with Steven reaching the village,they first visited namwendwa sub county and signed . After having signed they drove to dhalike village. While they were in the village they were joined by nine members from the sanitation committee. They all moved into the different homes . Out of the many homes they visited,this is what was noted. They were all impressed by Fulumela one of the old ladies in the village who had constructed one of the best shower area. More so Fulumela,s shower area was so unique that it was having steps or walkways leading one who would like to access it for usage. However as the group was in Fulumela,s home during the home to home movements,Henry the country Director extremely appreciated her so much for maintaining the required sanitation standards of all the her home sanitation facilities. Therefore Henry argued her so much to maintain the set standards. Also as the group continued moving home to home they came across the traditional doctor who had constructed one of the best hand washing stand and a-shower area and pit latrine . It was total joy for all the people who were moving home to home since before the Traditional doctor who had confessed not to have any of the sanitation facilities in his home . Therefore David went ahead and thanked him for the good work of sanitation improvements in his home. After all that the sanitation committee members ,David,and Henry they headed to where the members had planned having the sanitation meeting . The meeting started with an opening prayer which was led by plaster Batuli James . After the prayer the chairman invited David to take a lead to the meeting. David,s remarks were first of all thanking the sanitation committee members because they had moved home to home along with them. He continued and encouraged the members through their chairman mr Anthony Tatya for their efforts and good improvements in the village . David also requested the sanitation committee members on how they would help the blind man who had one of the homes which dint have the hand washing stand. The members reacted by saying that the village chairman was to give some of his bricks and the other member kalori said he was to construct the hand washing stand. David thanked them for such a generous heart to the disabled. So David said that God should bless them abundantly in all. After David,s fewer remarks,he invited Henry the country director to speak before the members. Henry first thanked all the members for having moved home to home checking on the sanitation progress in the village along him, Henry emphasized so much about the good unity in the village. He said unity was the greater factor which was causing all the much improvements in the village. Therefore he emphasized the sanitation committee members to continue with it even in all the programs in the village. Henry continuously said it was because of the good hygiene and sanitation work in the village that is why one was able to see some new hand washing stands in the neighboring village. Also Henry said that it was because of the spill off effects , that is why he was able to see new sanitation facilities in the neighboring village. So because of the spill off effects therefore Henry advised them to continue embracing all the developmental programs in the village. Later some of the two committee members testified by saying that since the kibo,s intervening the village he had lost his old son because of too much diarrhea diseases . But currently all the members were thanking the kibo for letting them being safe from the diarrheal diseases. The other member Nakale fransis who had one of the best dish in her home reminded all the entire village through the sanitation committee that they should put into consideration the too much fuels ,time, and the cost for car hire for kibo . Therefore she encouraged everyone to resumed working so faster to save the much time and several costs for kibo . In general according to David ,Steven and Henry,s overview they saw that almost the entire village had constructed hand washing stations. Except the three homes of the elderly people. 
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2020-09-02 - Purpose: Emphasis will be put on encouraging the homes which are still lagging behind
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13096 Seen in the picture above are the kibo staff David ,and Steven and Batuli one of the committee members assessing the work progress towards the construction of hand washing stands.
13102 Seen in the picture above is David ,Henry the kibo,s country director during the home to home movements in the village.