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Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-08-28

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2020-08-31 05:40:16 UTC
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet went to Bulyowa to disseminate evaluation findings to the participants and this was intended to give the participants an opportunity to see how they performed during evaluation. She also wanted to follow upon Ronald’s mothers weak kitchen ,leaking that needed to be improved. In order to follow the ministry of Healthy guidelines, she decided to walk home to home as shares evaluation findings.This would also help her to share with them the findings as well as see if there is any progress from the time evaluation was done. she reached in the village she started, walking home to home as she shares evaluation findings with every one as well as check when there any improvement from the last time she was in the village. She walked around 26 homes and the interesting part of it most people who were found with substandard facilities were found when they have improved.For example participants who lacked firewood risen stands have put them in place and well stocked with firewood. They told Harriet that they will not lack firewood during the rainy season since they have stocked enough firewood. Also participants who had not smeared they facilities they have started smearing and some people who were cooking on three stones fire alongside the fuel efficient stoves had taken the three stones out of the kitchen and resorted to cooking on the fuel efficient stoves. This was proved by finding food cooking on the fuel efficient stoves and the absent of the three stones in the kitchens. Participants told HARRIET the evaluation helped that to grade themselves also also felt a shamed when they realized that they are missing some facilities which forced them to work hard to improve them. The interesting part of the day there was a home that had a substandard kitchen(Ronald’s) and the last time HARRIET was in the village conducting evaluation Ronald committed himself to improve it.This time HARRIET found when he had started collecting materials to reconstruct the mothers kitchen because the mother is too old and weak. He committed himself to finish constructing the mothers kitchen in the next two weeks.Harriet told him to try to finish it in one week since he had collected most of the materials that will be required to build the kitchen. Also other family members committed themselves to roof the kitchen once Ronald finishes building it. Harriet also found one members( Gonza Partricks wife) who was sick and was claiming to be bewitched because she became unconscious for three hours three days back.HARRIET talked to her and encouraged her to go the hospital to find out what could be the possible cause of that. She also wanted to talk to par trick about that unfortunately he was not at home. According to the conversation they had she promised to go the hospital the following day after discussing with husband since he was not at home. Hopefully she will go to the hospital to seek for more clarification. 
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2020-09-18 - Purpose: To follow up on Ronald’s leaking kitchen,smearing of some kitchens that were not yet smeared.
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Report Photos

13159 Ronald’s poor kitchen that needs to be reconstructed to stop rain from raining on the stove that may spoil it.
13162 Ronald’s papyrus that he will use too re construct his kitchen.
13165 Isma who was found at home cooking food for his siblings as the parents were busy in the garden. During evaluation this home was found using the three stone fire along side the fuel efficient stove but not uses a stove only and took out the three stones to avoid being tempted to cook on them.