Mvule Community Development - Bupaluka - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2020-08-31

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Alex B met the community about how much it costs and record keeping of their garden project. It can help them to know how much has has been invested in the project. The more the keep records the more they avoid making the same mistakes when it comes to the next season . Saul told the members as there was a need for weeding the soybeans. He also reported that some community members have started crossing animals through their garden. They were also told to prepare themselves any time they are called to attend to the garden to respond positive. Alex B advised the members to be accountable to the project if they are to benefit out of it. He told them always to plan for the project in terms of money,time and their personal labor. The end result all it should be costed in terms of money for accountability of the project. The leaders should show the members how they have spend from time of acquiring land to the point of selling the product.Records must show the money spent, labor of the members and time taken before the harvesting. The need of the members to attend in person,he advised them If all can not do it once to plan how many people can go at a particular day. The leaders should be the example and guide the rest . Alex B and two leaders went to see how the project was doing. He found that as were marks of where the animals crops through the garden. The cows were tied near the garden and Saul the chairperson suspected to be the ones. The neighborhood looked to be own and he went and talked them. It was noted that as they planted,many seeds were planted per hole he advised them to remove some and leave two per hole. 
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2020-09-14 - Purpose: To discuss with members how raised more money to take care of the project. Also how they can provide security from neighborhood to destroy their crops. To let the members know that they are all equally responsible to the project for good results.
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13189 Alex B with some of the leaders within the middle of the garden project of soybeans.
13192 Living standing in the middle was showing how the project is doing and needed weeding.