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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-08-26

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community knows the importance of working well together and what those things that limit these relationships are
Introduction Lorna went to a Nawampiti to pick off from where she left off previously. We started a new topic Relationship Skills and we are looking at the importance of working well together/ having good relationships amongst our selves. Overview The meeting started at around 1:30pm and was opened with a word of prayer led by the vice chairman. She thanked the community members for leaving whatever they are doing to attend the meeting. She encouraged them to pay attention and practice everything they were to learn today of which after her remarks invited Lorna. Lorna exchanged greetings with the community and after that asked the community members to remind her of the previous lesson. They mostly remembered about the lesson on Alcohol and drug abuse but only like 2 people remembered the other lesson importance of having good relationships. Therefore because of this , we had to repeat the lesson. Lorna asked whether it was important to have good relationships with one another and they said yes it is very important. When there good relationships there is peace , unity, development, everyone is happy. Lorna went in and asked what are those things that bring about poor working relationships for example in our homes, community and among ourselves. In our homes we looked at; Poverty whereby when there is poverty in a home for example where people are not fulfilling their responsibilities it’s going to birth a lot of other things like; lack of respect, lack of trust, alcoholism , blaming one another and this can trickle down to the children . Another reason was Promiscuity; men cheating on their wives and everyone agreed to this point. When a man is being unfaithful to his partner forgetting his responsibilities in his home this negatively affects the home whereby both the wife and children are deprived of the attention, love, basic needs because the focus is else where. In the community we saw jealousy; They gave examples like in one family if one person works hard to educate his children, the community feels bad , if one marries off their child and gets good dowry, others feel bad and begin to disassociate. They want to go to witchcraft instead of going ahead and asking that person how they did it they waste their energies hating the other. Another example that was given whereby if two people are angry at each other for something they go ahead and include other people and it becomes a chain and this hatred goes even to the children and if you ask the third parties why they hate the other person they even have no reason. Lorna asked them to always solve their problems among themselves the 2 people and if one is to add a third wheel,this person should advice them instead of adding fuel to the problem. Lorna urged them not to involve children in their wrangles. Amongst each other was rumors ; people spreading rumors about each other which is not true. Lorna urged them to keep away from rumors and also seek to look for the truth. Agnes gave an example of disciplining someone’s child because they have done wrong and when this child reports to their parent, instead of this parent finding out why their child was beaten, they instead pick a fight with the neighbor who was helping discipline their child. Lorna mentioned that when someone does that they are digging a pit for their child in such a case one would ask why they were beaten and infact thank the other person for what they did. To have good relationships among each other these can be considered; Always communicate with each other concerning any problem, forgiving each other, sacrificing time, resources , wishing others well, respecting each other, appreciating each other, fulfilling each others roles, being patient with one another , being grateful for what you have , putting an end to rumors among others. Conclusion Where there is good relationship skills among one another , everyone thrives, people are happy , feel loved and development occurs. Because of time and because they did not understand previous lesson it had to be repeated. Lorna thanked them for coming and encouraged them to share everything they have learnt. They also thanked Kibo for the lessons it brings them for their wellbeing. 
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2020-09-02 - Purpose: We will be looking at managing emotions like; Anger, Love and grief. Normally we do only anger but we will also look a little into the other emotions following up on what was mentioned in the discussions of today’s lesson.
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13204 Lorna is trying to teach alongside Sam in this village so that he can carry on the program even when Life Skills has phased out. The lady in the picture was contributing to a question asked by Samuel on the issue of what contributes to having poor relationship skills in our homes.