Community Empowerment - Nawandyo A - Namutumba

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2020-08-31

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2020-09-01 08:48:10 UTC
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Akurut Diana 
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Bible Lesson 4: Loving others 
Ida and Diana went toNawandyo A. Ida continued with the topic Loving others in marriage. She started with the recap, she asked the community to tell her about the previous lesson, everyone contributed, and this really showed that the community was attentive, they demonstrated how the Good Samaritan was lying in the pool of blood, and also how the priest bypassed the battered man. They also mentioned that we need to love all people despite their appearances or status. Ida thanked them and requested them to clap for themselves. She now continued with the lesson, by asking them who is their immediate neighbor in marriage. She told the men that their immediate neighbors is the wives, and the women, it is their husbands. Ida went on by asking them how does the clinic or hospital look like, is it dirty or clean?they all responded that it is clean and every day the workers clean it. She told them that, like the hospitals, the women need to be clean, they have to be good nurses to their husbands, likewise the husbands, they need to be clean and loving to their wives. She also encouraged the women to love their husbands and respect them. She warned them that there are “Good Samaritans” outside there who will take care of their husbands if they don’t take good care of them. The women laughed and they all answered that they will take good care of their husbands, like wise the men. Ida added that,both the husband and wife should respect one another, they should not wash their dirty linen in public, that is talking against one another in public. They should discuss their problems as husband and wife in the bedroom. Diana also emphasized on the same topic of Loving one another in marriage. She encouraged the marrieds to be understanding to one another. They should discuss their problems amongst themselves. This is because if they take their problems in public, people will turn them into their daily topics of discussion in the village. She encouraged them to take their problems to God and to a respected elder in the village Incase they fail to settle their problems amongst themselves. Diana added that, respect should be the order of the day in marriage. 
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2020-09-07 - Purpose: To teach a Bible lesson about God’s forgiveness
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13255 Ida and Diana standing besides the tree that Henry planted given by Community Development program.
13258 Women listening attentively to Ida teaching about Loving others in marriage.