Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawampiti - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-01-24

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Early Pregnancy 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson community members will be aware of the causes of early pregnancy and how they can play their role in preventing Early pregnancy in their children.
Introduction Lorna taught on Causes of early pregnancy. This lesson is more of a prevention lesson not necessarily that because there are many pregnant children but to sensitize the community on what some of these causes are and how the community can be more intentional about causes and dangers of early pregnancy. When the causes are identified then we can prevent early pregnancies. Overview Lorna went to this village to teach a new lesson Causes and dangers of early pregnancy.While waiting for the community members to come for the meeting, Lorna noticed a boy across the street making bricks which made Lorna curious and went to him. Lorna had a great chat with him on how he started making bricks and how he picked interest when he saw his dad make the bricks since he is a brick layer. They had quite an interesting chat. They talked about a lot of things but in the end despite the conversation being great, Lorna had to go and meet the community members. When a few members had gathered, the chairman informed Lorna that they can start with whoever is present because they had a burial of a girl who passed on from Jinja hospital and the burial was going to be at Bubinga. Lorna decided to introduce to the community members the topic of the day which was on Early Pregnancy; Causes and Dangers. She asked whether there were any young pregnant girls in the village and they said no. Lorna thanked them for being responsible people ensuring that there were no such cases but if they were lying to her, she would find out. This was because when she was moving around mobilizing the community previously she was able to see this young girl who had a child about 1 year but she was already pregnant. At this point Lorna did not talk to this girl but she will plan to visit this girl some time soon.She also told them that it was the role of the whole community and the parents at large to see to it that our children do not get pregnant while still at School or at a young age. Together they brainstormed the causes of early pregnancy among which were ; Poverty, Unresponsible parents ,Alcoholic parents, children admiring things, overworking the girl child, poor academic performance among others. They did not discuss much because the community members had to go for burial. They also asked Lorna to change the meeting day from Friday to another day as Friday is a day of prayer for the Muslims. Conclusion The lesson was cut in short because people were going for the burial. They however agreed to pick up from here and also promised to keep time in the next meeting.Lorna thanked them for coming even though they had a choice not to attend. She asked them to send her sympathies to the bereaved family. 
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Report Photos

10250 This is one of the active members in this program.In this picture we see him contributing towards the topic at hand.
10253 Jimmy helping his father brick lay. Lorna noticed Jimmy as she was seated waiting for the community members to gather. She watched him for a while until she decided to approach him. Lorna asked him children of his age are playing but for him he is making bricks why?. He said for him he is helping out his dad and when he got tired he will go play but after finishing. Lorna asked what class he was and he said he was going to Primary six.Lorna asked what his position was he said 18th out of 50 Children. Lorna also asked how he picked interest in brick laying and he said he used to watch his dad and eventually he learnt. Lorna thanked him for helping his parents and advised him to always be respectful to them , his teachers, be disciplined, pray and when he goes back to school avoid bad peer groups.
10256 Some of the bricks already layed by Jimmy.